Frere-Jones Type has created a custom typeface made specifically for Data Visualizations and clear readong of dense numbers. No details on their site yet, but there are some nice in-use examples on the Tableau site write-up. 

Monocle Magazine published this great quick look at some interesting urban signage from Neon Signs in Warsaw to Street signs in Vienna. 

This Print Magazine article published in March of this year floated past the desk again this week, and prods the asking of another question that's good to ponder every now and again: "how can type embody relatable human traits in new and original ways?". Tanja, by Commercial Type, certainly is pretty. 

Franklyn has been killing it lately with new projects on their beautiful site. This one for Capsule, and online Pharmacy, is proof to me that good design can be applied to even the most unglamorous of services. 

Normally, I steer clear of brush script typefaces, but this one from Mika Melvas caught my eye this week. Pick it up at MyFonts.

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