Matt Willey continues to be a strong source of inspiration for the Studio, so it was a treat to read this AIGA Eye on Design interview with him on his history of creating beautiful custom types for a slew of beautiful publications, complete with lots of type samples and sample spreads. 

Ed Benguiat's Stranger Things

This has been making the rounds for a few weeks now, but it is really great to see a type legend get some newfound recognition form a main stream audience. Read the Fast Company article on the use of ITC Benguiat in the title sequence. Also, Kudos to the designers for Stranger Things for going to the real source of their inspiration, and not just making a knock off version of it. 

Type on the web is changing, this quick read gives a fun taste of the current climate, how fonts are being handled online, and the real reasons why "Type is Fragile". 

These location inspired typographic covers for a selection of global cities is fun and well executed. Love these. Read more via It's Nice That.

The full history of Dance Ink Magazine, recently revived by designer Abbott Miller, is on full display here in a xylophone filled barrage of 90's design dripping with type and image. It's an older video, but it manages to float across the desk again this week to much delight. There's something magnetic about the designs in these pages, something that's not yet played out.

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