Like type? Like type specimens? Ok, how much do you like type specimens? Neubau has released a very limited edition box set chock full of samples and physical objects for their Neubau Akademie Typeface Family starting at 600 Euros. 

Hoefler & Co. debuted a field to play with all of their typefaces on the web at once. I'll admit, Its fun. I know this is not revolutionary, but its a great way to get your hands dirty with their deep catalog for free. 

In case you've forgotten, today is the start of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. I'm looking forward to seeing how Dalton Maag's typeface created for the games plays out across all the buildings, promotional materials, and graphics over the next few weeks. 

Yoann Minet released a rather exotic backslanted typeface this week alongside new regular and italic faces. There are some really innovative solutions to backslanted letterforms here. This is something I'd love to see more of in type. 

Congratulations Nina! 

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