We've decided to make a newspaper. 

Say Hello to Shoe, Badson's in-house newspaper publication dedicated to typographically minded things that could matter to you. 

The story of Shoe

In today's modern digital age, news is everywhere and easy to access, our minds and thumbs are sore from the endless scrolling through other people's pictures, and sometimes it's hard to get a moment to think. We thought it was a good time to publish something worth putting the screen down for.

Shoe is the result of a lot of thinking—and a lot of wanting. Initially, we were looking for a place to give life to all of the typographic odds and ends that we end up with through the act of running a type foundry. Then we realized we wanted a little more than that. We wanted an outlet for serial expression. We saw an opportunity for a little fun.

We thought of publishing a blog with interviews, but that's been done. We thought about putting together a podcast or web show, but that didn't quite sound like us. So we went to the source of our core values: few things beat ink on a page with beautiful typography.

Call it a zine, call it a newspaper, call it whatever you want, but Shoe is here to satisfy our studio desire to publish something typographically interesting paired with aspiring content, and maybe have a little fun in the process.

Welcome, Issue No. 1.

Issue No. 1

Included in this inaugural issue is an assortment of typographic curiosities, oddities, lettering, jokes, and posters in addition to featured illustrations and thematic inspired writings. It's perfect not only for the discerning type nerd, but also for the regular Joe or Jolene about town that may not know a thing about what typography is. 

So, why Shoe?
What does that even mean? Is that a type thing?

Well, not exactly. A shoe is such a mundane thing. We don't usually think about a shoe as being a singular object. Yet, it has a lot of power to convey our identities, expressions, abilities, and impressions of others. (Kinda like typography.) So, perhaps it's a good name for something that wants to provoke a little unexpected insight.

Ultimately, Shoe aims to bring visually engaging and thought-provoking pages to the general public in an easy-to-digest, large format newspaper. (It's about 22" by 16" unfolded.) We designed each issue of Shoe to stand as both a communicative medium for new thoughts on typography and creativity, as well as a beautiful object for your home with many poster-sized spreads that stand out on their own. 

Of course, Shoe is a serial newspaper, to be published a handful of times a year, with more stories, type, and exciting collaborations to come. Shoe Issue No. 1 is available now in the Shop. Pick up a copy for your coffee table, your friends, or your own collection. We hope you enjoy it. We can't wait for Issue No. 2.