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Here, Badson presents things of typographic interest, how type is doing outside of the font industry, and stories and features on Badson Projects not seen elsewhere. Check in weekly to discover social insights and behind the scenes at Badson.


Kyle Read

Monocle Highlights Stationery Shops

Love this oldie but goodie from Monocle highlighting a few stationery shops around the world doing a great job bringing a seemingly antiquated product to a modern world market. The video stops in with Studio favorite Present and Correct, showing how graphics and text can really bring charm and character to any home.

Not only is stationery a real love for type designers, and really all designers in general, but they provide a gateway to an incredible tactile experience for all. A lot of stationery shops are still seen as quaint, ephemeral, or that increasingly meaningless label 'hipster'. Perhaps as we head deeper into the digital age, shops like these will be valued higher as a place to have a genuine connection to the real.