Sharp Type released what might be one of the most expansive type families we've seen in a while. Clocking in at a hefty 249 fonts, Sharp Grotesk is still packed with style. Check out the whole family on the new Sharp Type Site

"Swipe to change typefaces" is the instruction, but this interactive type specimen from Typotheque is all print, and amazing, and only 5 Euros. Such a big fan of this. Bought! 

New work alert: The always impressive Triboro Design form Brooklyn's latest branding work for contemporary French restaurant Sauvage is adventurous design with an artistic twist. View the full project on their site here

The latest independent type foundry to join with TypeNetwork is Newlyn, the brand-focused foundry created and manned by Englishman Miles Newlyn. Read the announcement here

Read this interview with John D. Jameson and his passionate niche in the type world. Type Specimens on the web are the future, and we all know they could be much more than they are now. Keep up the quest, John. 

If you want to talk about environmental type, few people have more fun with it than Paula Scher. Her team at Pentagram have created type that stretches the length of the the new 'boardwalk' at Rockaway Beach. See more of the full project here

Montreal based designers Olivier Charland & Cécile Garièpy have joined up to form Par Hasard, a new graphic design firm with a promising future in art direction.

Marc Valli & Amandas Ong have published a new book through Lawrence King on the return to simple means in illustration and art direction. The book is sadly already sold out, but it remains on the studio Christmas list anyway. 

The famed design studio Huge launched a new content department this week called Magenta, based primarily on Medium. It's set to champion the way people use and contribute to Medium for the design industry-centric mind. One of their first major articles published was an interview with Tobias Frere-Jones, and it is a good one. It's a typical "Day in the Life", but with lots of genuine insights from the man himself. Definitely worth the read, perhaps more than once. 

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