The sophomore release from FJT, Retina, is an expansion and total re-engineering of the Retina family initally drawn for the Journal in the early 2000s. It's thorough, expansive, and a really great workhorse for broad text and tiny-number typesetting. Fast Co. also has a great interview with Tobias on the process here

One of the most intriguing part of this post actually, is the little sneak preview of Exchange—a seriffed face continuing the 'defensive typesetting strategy' of Retina due out in 2017. Can't wait!

An interesting read about the introduction of Movement and motion into the art of poster design via the AIGA.

OHno Type Co's Type Video for Vulf = On Point Font Marketing

An AIGA article on Women in typography popped up early this week, and although I wish they would have used more recent stats about type conferences (2016 TypeCon was almost exactly 50/50 in speaker representation.), and pointed to a few more recent female type designers currently in the industry (there are lots!), the article is very in depth and spurs on further reading into this important and timely issue. 

It’s not just women in the industry that need to feed their experience into work and use their position to readdress the status quo, but everyone across the gender spectrum.

I love the name, springing form "No Tofu", the affectionate term for that box that appears in place of missing glyphs (See video!).

Monotype and Google debuted their Noto collaboration this week which aims to have complete digital representation for every language and writing system out there. I don't know how many font families there are out there that have over a million glyphs, but I'm pretty sure this project will surpass that if it hasn't already. 

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