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Added this one to the want list. James Victore's always had a shop, but its worth a peruse through every now and again. 

Been wanting to get your hands on Lucas Sharp's masterwork family? Me too. The entire family is now available throuhg Village. Yes, Please. 

Counter Print Books' article detailing Jens Müller and his favorite book is a good read for the weekend, and an insightful little ploy to get you to buy this book if you haven't already.

If it seems like this blog has been posting a lot by Lost Type in the past months, it's because Lost Type has been busy. This week, they released DDC Hardware, a hearty, and rather perfectly on-brand for DDC, typeface in collaboration with Aaron Draplin. The specimen site is huge and fun and a great way to experience the type itself. 

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I've been rather obsessed lately with Dave Towers' work on instagram under the name @t_o_w_e_r_s, especially during the recent 36 days of type campaign. Follow along for some fresh creativity in lettermaking.

The Kickstarter for the long-awaited book on W. A. Dwiggins is finally out. Contribute to this project or regret it forever. This book will be one of the most talked about books published this year. 

Studio favorite Les Graphiquants' work for the @wired 25.05 issue is on point. I would buy this as a poster. 

All About the Asterisk

Take a minute or two to read through this post by Fontsmith about the Asterisk. It's a great quick read dipping into the origins of the ubiquitous but little known character. 

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