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110 16th Street, 13th Floor
Denver, CO, 80202
United States



At the turn of the millennium, Uncommongoods was one of the largest online marketplace brands shipping worldwide. The company, known for their unique, artesian, and locally sourced products has only grown since. But by 2013, the brand was loosing momentum—looking a lot more 90's tech start-up than the 21st century online shopping powerhouse they had become. We helped Uncommongoods obtain the new brand direction that it deserved.

We worked with the entire crew to craft a new custom word mark, logo icon, and full branding suite to represent their friendly and accessible attitude. Today, Uncommongoods continues to bring the original, fun products it's known for into the digital age, standing shoulder to shoulder with the online shopping giants in the industry they helped pioneer.


The new mark needed to ring true to the friendly, energetic, and modern direction of the brand, while also requiring strong and robust letterforms that could stand up to the challenges of living across all digital and print media platforms. The real charm of the Uncommongoods word mark comes in the form of its "Cute Heft", a term that arose in the design process that seemed to sum up the attitude of the mark so perfectly. Sturdy and independent letterforms with plenty of curves.