Let it SNowe

Snowe is a start-up home brand with new approach to home goods launched in the summer of 2015 described as bringing "a fresh, unconventional perspective to a dusty category, while making it simple for people to build a foundation for their home that works for whatever life brings.' 
We were asked to help craft additional collateral pieces for the upstart brand that would build upon the strategic and visual campaign established by Red Antler in Brooklyn, NY.


There are many moving parts to a brand, but the most exciting parts are when your brand gets a chance to have a lasting and resourceful impact on the customer's experience. We designed a handy little guide to entertaining around the home, complete with illustrations, tips for successful party-making, little known home insights, and life hacks developed by Red Antler and the Snowe team themselves. Touching on the 4 main categories of Snowe products —Drinking, Dining, Sleeping, and Bathing— the booklet has been one of the most engaging and shareable customer experiences of the brand's launch.