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Typography & Brand Design

Badson is a New Media Company operating within the world of Typography. Whether it’s through the Design Studio, the Badson Type Foundry, Design Shop, or newly established Publishing House, our aim is to bring the rapidly expanding world of quality typography to all.  


Badson Studio

Concise brand development and poignant art direction, plain and simple. From day one, Badson Studio has been focused on developing brand identities, social media and marketing campaigns, look books, and custom typography for modern environments and ambitious clients.


The Badson Type Foundry

The Badson Type Foundry was established in 2015 to bring quality boutique typefaces to market as high-caliber tools for designers. The Foundry is always developing new types for the growing retail catalog, as well as custom and commissioned projects for clients big and small. Typography has the power to express more than words alone. If you’re curious for more, drop us a line and we’ll help you see communication differently. 


The Badson Shop

Type isn’t just for the pros. There are a myriad of ways to make the typographic lifestyle yours. The Shop offers up beautiful and original typographically-minded objects to enhance your life. Be sure to check in now and again as new prints, pins, and goodies are added often. 


The Badson Blog 

We’re rather fond of talking about type, and even more keen on writing about it. We regularly write about everything from new typeface releases from notable foundries, the latest issues facing the world of typography, and curated collections of type-centric ideas. 

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