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110 16th Street, 13th Floor
Denver, CO, 80202
United States


Flagpole is a contemporary swim and lifestyle brand striving to make swimwear that elevates and celebrates the well-dressed active woman. We've had the chance to work with Flagpole from their start in 2012, establishing their brand language and complete brand assets,  the cornerstone of which being the custom-drawn Flagpole word mark. Since the brand's inception, we have created unique typographic solutions to stake out an original corner of the market, full design services of everything from emails and postcards to websites and mobile experiences, and complete art direction for every season to come out of Flagpole's studio.

Flagpole has a unique position in the swim and fashion markets masterfully managing a balance between contemporary, simple, and bold designs with a subtle throw-back flair of the golden age of swimwear. Other display typefaces out there weren't representing all that the upstart brand aimed to be, so we designed Flagpole Duo and Duo Sans.


Flagpole Duo is a two-color display type drawn from one of the most innovative types from the last century, A. M. Cassandre's Bifur.  Our contemporary re-interpretation of this iconic design, including reimagined proportion, weight and typographic details gives Flagpole a little modernity, a completely unique voice in the swimwear world, and that certain European flavor that other types just couldn't quite bring home.


Based on the proportions of Flagpole Duo, we created Flagpole Duo Sans; the contemporary sans serif aimed at capturing Duo's energy and care-free attitude. Supplying Flagpole with a heavier weighted sans type allowed the brand to enter into the established design vernacular of tortured "fashion feeling fonts" favored by the industry with something just as fresh and vibrant as the suit designs themselves.


With the Flagpole Duo types humming along in harmony with the brand's vision and values, we extrapolated Duo Sans into an emblematic word mark. We hoped to instill the values of strength, quality, timeless style, and classic energy into one word. The fashion industry is well endowed with iconic word marks, we wanted to make sure Flagpole had theirs. The brand stands its ground as in its representation as an innovative 21st century brand across all platforms — from print to digital and back.