Executive Interim management

EIM is a diamond in the rough in the financial services industry. Let's do the math: A small start up consultancy with highly valued specialties + a growing client list = the need to establish a lasting brand and reach more people. With so many small financial consulting firms out there, the ability to stand out is essential. We created a branding solution rooted in a traditional financial vernacular with a modern edge. 


EIM needed a timeless and versatile symbol with which to identify with. Creating something simple yet meaningful was a challenge because of the immense established history of symbols in the financial world. The 'up-mark', as we call it, is the perfect representation of the company's signature move: taking failing business, turning them around, and making them profitable.


It's easy to paint business correspondence into a drab and uninspired corner. We designed a brand roll-out that ensures EIM stays on the mind and leaves an impression. Hefty grey speckled paper, toned and textured envelopes, the subtle consistency of pattern, and optimistic copy all working in concert to make EIM a premier consultancy in the Tri-State Area.