New Look, New Future

This is a rather important week for us here at Badson. We’ve had a bit of a change. We’re proud and excited to present not only a refreshed website for our work and passion, but a renewed approach to business altogether.

Our little corner of the internet was in need of a little renovation, and our growing business was becoming unclear in its direction. We needed to change tack and get some new wind in our sails. This week marks the charting of a new course—we’re moving forward as a media company, serving the world of typography.


What do you mean “Media Company”?

We love type. We love type so much that we’ve got love to share. Establishing ourselves as a media company allows us to broaden our horizons and create the projects and work we want to. It gives us more freedom to create meaningful design for our clients. It empowers us to produce and release new boutique typeface families at the right pace. And it helps us reach further and introduce more people to the world of typography.

Badson is still a company of parts. The Studio, Type Foundry, Shop, and now Publishing House are all crucial components of what we’re referring to as the Badson Media Family. The biggest note here is that they’re all moving in the same direction, with energy, towards a singular mission: “Quality typography for all”.


Here’s what’s changed.

The most visceral evidence of our new direction is in the visual refresh of our website. The new allows for quick access to new and classic work from the studio, setting up easier access to our young font catalog, a new shopping experience for typographic goodies, and updating the way we present the world of type.

It’s not all aesthetic however, our refresh in look comes with a refresh in mentality. We want to be your trusted source for access and understanding in the rapidly changing universe of typography. We aim to earn that trust over time by providing consistent and insightful access to the current type universe. Right now, that universe holds a confusing solar system that could use a guide. 

At the center of it, there is a vibrant industry of talent, history, and incredible value to design and economics... people who create type, push design forward, and shape visual culture. We’re here for those folks. We’re here to help bring your work to more people through the Studio, Publishing House, and new weekly dispatch.

Orbiting this rich sun of type and culture are people on a sliding scale of familiarity with fonts and type: fans and aficionados spinning tightly around the industry, to newcomers and outsiders who may not know as much. We’re here for those folks, too. Through the Type Foundry, printed works from Badson Press, and new goods in the Shop, we’re creating new ways to get closer to the sun at the center of it all. 

We want to help bridge the gap between the people who make type and the people who use type. We want to bring more people in from the fray and expand the bounds of the type world. We aim to make type accessible to all. 


Here’s what you can expect from us. 

New work, products, types, and content will be popping up on the site more frequently. Badson Studio has been hard at work on branding and art direction projects for some great clients, and can’t wait to have more show and tell. The Badson Type Foundry is working hard to bring more retail types to market in the coming months. There are new products in the Shop, from pins to design goods—and more coming every month. And, we’ve opened up our weekly type review This Week From the Desk to your inboxes in the form of an email dispatch sent out every Friday. Sign up and never be out of the loop. 

There’s a lot going on here, and we’re just getting started. If you have any questions, want to work with us, or just want to reach out and say hi, please give us a shout, we love hearing from you.  


Here’s to good sailing, 

Kyle Read

Founder, Badson

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