This Week From the Desk

Schriftlabor has just entered the retail market with four font families: Attorney, Galata, Lawabo, & Traction. The release marks the launch of a new retail site for Schriftlabor and a move towards more font releases. You can try them for free, buy one, or buy all four families as a package. 

*Note: Rainer made a presentation on the early stages of Galata at TypeCpn a few years back showing off the built in games you can create with Open Type. Its great to see this concept come to market. 

This week and next, Badson is a guest editor for Ello, curating a collection of posts on the current state of poster design. Some historical, some iconic, but mostly new hotness. If you're not on Ello, sign up now. 

We received a few goodies int he mail from Colophon this week, one of them being their Bespoke Newspaper Catalog. It's a worthwhile buy, and special addition to the archive of newspaper specimens. (We're collecting, so if you have one or know of any others, let us know!) Grab your own copy here.  

Type@Paris, 2017

The latest graduates form Type@Paris program have their work up for presentation on the Type@Paris website this week. There is a consistently high standard for student projects established in this program, and the hard work shows. See all student projects here

A Renewed Constitution

Steven Heller's weekly column for Print Magazine this week presented a project by ThoughtMatter has gotten a few gears turning... The Constitution of the United States, designed and published in print like never before. It's actually a kickstarter and worth a look. The paper and ink colors are a bit too trendy for me, but I'm more than excited to pick up a copy anyway. 

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