This Week From the Desk

Left a little light this week for type releases and conferences (The summertime usually starts explodes with activity at the beginning and the end but lulls in the middle), this week saw a lot of much needed visual inspiration float across the desk. From paintings to books to more books, take a look a few of the more imPRESSionable (sorry)  pieces we found noteworthy this week. 

Althoguh The Letterform Archive's site and identity have been live for a little while now, it's worth directing a few moments to the interview published by the Archive with Tânia Reposo (the site's designer) and Nick Sherman (the site's developer) to read about the process of bringing a fresh new face to the Letterform Archive. The Archive is such an incredible library, space, and resource that a creating a web home for it is no easy task, but check out the Archive here to really get into it. 

Taking the title of "Desireable Book of the Week" is this beaut from Duplo Press on the most thorough presentation of Risograph printing available. "Exploriso: Low Tech Fine Art". This thorough exploration of the history, capabilities, and historical significance of the Riso Printer is a can't miss for anyone interested in print or independent publishing. Grab it while you can at Duplo Press.

The paintings and publications of Richard Gorman are spacious, bold, and engaging. Explore all of his work at the Kerlin Gallery

Graphisme En France, the thorough and engaging Periodical, came available online this week for download. If you've been feeling light on your design reading lately, here's your chance to get back into the game. Download the latest digital issue—a deep dive into of Logos & Visual Identities— here

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