This Week From the Desk

Commercial Type has been on a roll of spectacular releases lately. The most recent Algebra Display is no exception. Algebra Display is a companion to the successful Algebra family by its original designers Susana Carvalho and Kai Bernau. Well done, Commercial. 

These Books by Studio Frith & Visual Editions

This project floated past the desk this week and it made me look twice. Studio Frith created these books for WeTransfer, and you can see the play at work. They're a great example of a bespoke typeface having fun. 

Check out this cool collaboration between Briefcase Type and Lavmi that brings some of Briefcase's typefaces to wallpaper designs. Parson me while I go find a reason to buy a bunch of wallpaper. 

Spent a lot of time on Pampatype's website this week. The amount of work is only surpassed by its quality. Operating out of Argentina since 2001, Pampatype are proven masters of their craft. The best part is perhaps how varied and expressive their catalog is. Discover all of Pampatype's work on their site. Be prepared to lose a few hours of your day. 

This Video: 👍🏻

Thonik has a new site that launched this week. The studio has some incredible work in the public sphere, with a taste level reminiscent of the high modernists. Their project for the Power Station of Art in Shanghai is particularly good. See their new site here

Artsy published this fascinating exposé on some of the women who were involved in the Bauhaus School that have not gotten proper due or recognition. A good read worth a few read throughs and passing along. 

Just announced this week: a new lettering meet up in San Francisco, spearheaded by Erik Marinovich. The first one is scheduled for May 3rd. If your anywhere near SF, GO. Sign up here. Follow their Instagram too, which will surely be filled with amazing things very soon. 

Vocal Type Co was created to bring full life into iconic examples of lettering found in protest imagery from around the world. It's a fun project that has pproduced some interesting results. Personally, I like how much life of the original examples remains in the digital faces. 

Veeeeery tempted to click the buy button on this book from Counter Print. (It doesn't help that Badson already has a few other Counter Print Books in the Cart) Geometry is a powerful thing, it can help you and make your wildest dreams come true, or it can poison your thoughts and abilities and limit your potential. This book seems to be a wonderful guide through all of that. 

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