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Commercial Type released their extensive Chiswick family this week. After features in Eye Magazine and rumors floating around the type blogs, Chiswick is finally here in 3 Family Styles: A Serif, a Sans, and a Grotesque. Although its hard to find one moment in this family that lacks perfection, the real heroes of this family are the italics and numerals filled with personality. View, try, and buy on the Commercial Type website

Friends of the studio Scribbletone posted a passion project that's just too much fun: a digital sans version of the Written language from the land of Hyrule in the world of Zelda. It's always amazing when type designers create types from dead or invented languages, but even better when it expresses the personality of those who created it so perfectly. 

A stunning branding package from Perky Bros. for a brewing company with a penchant for the mystic. This project is the perfect orchestration of paper, color, graphics, and type. (via BP&O

This article from Publishing Executive on what Print is really missing and things print can do to remain valuable is quick and interesting. 


Monotype released Masqualero this week. It's a sharp serif deign with a strange vertical stress and flared vibe. It also comes with a decorative cut that seems to throw Monotype's hat in the ring amongst the likes of Dala Floda and Obsidian. The specimen page for this family is actually really amazing and a fun experience. 

The history of Canadian Graphic design runs deep—filled with prolific work that you've probably seen many many times—but is seldom featured or celebrated. This film, currently embarking on a kickstarter campaign to get the film produced, aims to bring a long overdue spotlight to the people behind the designs in Canada. We're definitely contributing to this one. 

The latest foundry to join the growing squad at Type Network is CSTM Fonts, known for their unique perspective on Latin and Cyrillic types. Read more about the move on Type Network's blog here



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