This Week From The Desk

If you're looking for something to really pick up your hope in the future of type design, have a visit to the TypeMedia 2016 site. Its a great site PACKED with juicy new type projects completed by the 12 students there. My favorite part is the fact that each one feels truly original, and not just a derivation of a historical style or something that's been done before. So much character in these characters. 

Matt Willey has released his latest type creation Blakey Slab, of which all profits will be donated to the ACLU. I'm not positive if this face is exactly the same as the one he developed for the NYTMag on hollywood stars, but it looks to be. Another great editorial type tool from a man who rarely misses.  Buy a license here.

Spotted this new branding project from Two Times Elliot for new prescription glasses retailer Cubitts. It's smart. It's sharp, its everything you'd want your glasses to be. This project is a good example of simplicity with character. See more on their site. 

You can download all 8 Issues of the famous Dada Publication (1917-1921). Its true historical eye candy for your digital collection. (Thanks for linking, Swissmiss)

The Typographics Conference is back! The website offering the schedule, registration, and a retro type vibe (OHM) is up, and looks great. I hope the tote bags light up. Get Early-bird Registration now. 

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