This list of books to get in 2017 is excellent. Needless to say I'll be putting a few of these on the shelf this year, starting first and foremost with the Harry Pierce book. Here's to a year filled with books! 

Modern graphic design housed in a dynamic web experience, yes please. The work out of french studio Spassky Fischer is worth a quick study. 

In Memoriam: Karl Gerstner

Karl Gerstner passed away on New Years day at the age of 86. Gerstner was a Swiss typographer and graphic designer who embodied the title of Commercial Graphic Designer. His prolific amount of work and cultural impact will be affecting the world of design for decades and decades to come. 

“Just as [Friedrich] Dürrenmatt disguised literature as detective stories, so I created everyday art without forcing people into museums,” —Karl Gerstner

The topic of emojis will seemingly never leave us. In some ways their importance is incredibly misunderstood with much more to be discussed and talked about, but at the same time talking about emojis seems so played out and unexciting. Will Hudson and Alex Bec take an hour or so to dive into the much maligned topic on the It's Nice That podcast. Worth a listen. 

In Memoriam: John Berger

John Berger is THE pioneering critic and author in how we see and understand art and design and everything visual. His seminal text "Ways of Seeing" changed how we would make art and talk about the world of visuals forever. He died on New Years Day at the age of 90. I believe his New York Times obituary was one of the best depictions of his life. If you feel like really getting lost for a little bit, check out his four part series based on his book on youTube:

This next weeks issue of Billboard magazine is ultra-fun, always a fan of a good typographic cover.  These two can never do enough typographic work. (I wish there was a larger image available on the internet!)

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