This is refreshing and original branding and design work for the physical world. I like that it is not just a web-ready sans serif put in a grid... it uses type and imagery well to bring a new sense of character to the brand. Well done. via BP&O

Frank Griesshammer released Source Serif 2.0 this week. It's a modern classic, and I'm really happy to see that Frank keeps building into it. It's an open source font from Adobe, and Frank writes about that and so so so much more in this post on the TypeKit Blog. Much love for this work. 

Lars Muller Publishers latest gem is a monograph of German printer and Graphic Designer Dafi Kuhne's work to date. It looks stunning, Dafi's work is enviable. This is the kind of book that you could sit with for a long long time and still discover new things in. Buy it on the Lars Muller site. 

FontShop published their Best of 2016 list. The first of several lists I'm sure to come out summating the year that was in font releases, this list is specifically filled with FontShop's best and brightest sellers. The well-designed feature page is worth checking out. 

Friends of the studio Charles & Thorn have upped their online work-showing game with a new home for their exquisite lettering and design work. 

Came across the Blueprint this week: a little weblog collection of interviews focused around the idea of working together and managing communication in business and client relationships. It's all put on by Teamweek, a group scheduling platform, so it makes sense. Its got a few profiles and interviews worth reading.  

David Johnathan Ross is back at his type wizardry in classic fun fashion with his latest variable font release Fit. It's a cheekily named font that literally fits into any line width by making textbook use of the power of variable fonts. The specimen pages are great because you can literally change the line width of the specimens and watch the variable fonts work right before your eyes. 

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