Hello, 2017

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Hello 2017. It's really nice to finally meet you. 

There's a lot to look forward to in the next 365 days. We're very excited about all that this year has in store. We won't say TOO much about all of the goings on, but we can say that we are PUMPED to be growing and expanding and creating more than ever before this year.

We're looking forward to new typeface releases from the Badson Type Foundry, more fun products in the Shop, and of course, more great collaborative work with our killer clients. Of course, it certainly won't be a year without its challenges, but we say "Bring 'em on!". We're looking to be more productive and devoted to what makes Badson great: quality and empowering products delivered with style and an informative world of content. 

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We hope everyone had a wonderful New Years; lets all go do some good. 

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