Every once in a while, the conversation on emojis gets stirred up again. This time, it's Microsoft's turn, releasing their new approach to Emoji's, designed by Always With Honor.

It's refreshing to see some new and fresh approaches to emojis from Microsoft, especially their new family maker feature... Lots of info worth checking out on both the Microsoft blog and AWH site. 

Newly Crowned by Print Magazine's 15 under 30, the Yarza Twins have been on everyone's radar including ours. Batavier, their latest type revival is an interesting study in uncovering a quirky display face from history and raising it to make a statement in today's font landscape. 

This is a detailed yet interesting read from Richard Fink on the case of wether webfonts are good or bad. (via A List Apart.)

We put the new Type Pins up in the Badson Shop this week. Handsome, Smart, Nerdy... type nerds, rejoice! 

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