It was announced this week that Dan Rhatigan has joined the team at Adobe. Congrats Dan! Read the interview with Typekit here.  Hope to see some amazing things coming out of Adobe soon, Dan. 

Nebiolo's 1960's masterstroke type family has been revived and updated for the modern context by David Jonathan Ross and Roger Black.  A beautiful revival with a beautiful site. Very cool to have another stylish variant on the "Neutral Sans" roster. 

This fascinating video and accompanying story (via Eye Magazine) crossed by the desk this week and its mesmerizing. To sell upholstery fabrics, upholstered shapes were dropped and captured on high speed. Simple and fun. Although it's from 2010, it still ignites some creative sparks.

I've always been a fan of Gratuitous Type. Do pick up a copy of the latest issue. It's fun.  

I've been slowly working my way through these videos to catch up on everything that happened at ATypI in Warsaw this year. See all the videos available here

A fascinating in-depth look into Rosetta's latest type additions to Neacademia. It's a good study of pen, historical printing, and legible types of old. I hope this sells big, I'm intrigued about how classical printing type revivals perform in today's sleek-sans digital type market. How crazy is that Small Text zzo lig? 

Print Magazine released a list of 7 new and exciting typefaces recently released. Its a good list featuring work from HvD, Nina Stoessenger, Shiva Nallaperumal, Maria Doreuli, and Roxane Gataud. Check it out here

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