This week, we published our full report on what went down at TypeCon this year in Seattle. Themes, ideas, and big takeaways. In case you missed it, check out our full post on Medium.

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Nina's long awaited ‘subtly stressed' type family has been released this week. It aims to contest the ideas that reverse stressed types can't be used in modern design capacities. (need proof? check out the type in use on the web with this fun travelogue site) I hope this one runs far and wide because its a beaut, and available through Monokrom. Congrats Nina! 

This video, created by designer Diana Ovezea, highlights an hour's worth of her type design process on the computer. It's a good peek into a workflow that takes months if not years for some designers. 

Love this print by Dan Covert. There are a LOT more on his site too. 

A thought provoking write-up on 3D Printing's role in design went up recently on the How Design Blog. It shows some good examples of 3D printed typography in use, among other products like cars and cameras. (My personal favorite being the "On Such a Full Sea" Cover by Helen Yentus, pictured above.) I want there to be more examples moving into the future, there's some real potential for design here. 

This Medium article from the Web Designer Depot has some good things about new progress in making basic font-display properties in CSS more dynamic. Although only available for a few browsers, perhaps this can improve web typography just a little more. 

Thomas Jockin is expanding his fantastic community building workshop series from New York to the West Coast... San Francisco. Do sign up if you're in the SF area with a need to be a part of something. 

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