The big news this week is that TypeCon 2016 is happening in Seattle, WA. We're here in the PNW City by the Bay to meet and greet, and share in the ideas, thoughts, and good times. We'll have a formal write up of our experience at the conference after it all wraps up on Sunday, but if you're not in town and curious about what's going on, follow #typecon2016 on all channels to see what's happening. 

P.S. How excellent is the identity system for the conference by MuirMcNeil this year? Bloody brilliant. 

Danielle Evans is profiling designers, illustrators, and digital artists working in the field of dimensional typography on her blog. It's insightful, interesting, and presents some beautiful work. Check out the most recent posts here

Spend a few long moments with this extensive web experience of the Bauhaus and Harvard's relationship. There is a lot to look at from typography, painting, and object design, to architecture, essays, and archived photographs all coming together to tell a fascinating story. 

Everyone seems to have jumped on board the celebration train this week as the National Park Service turned 100 years old. We're pretty excited about it because the posters used to promote the park system in the 30's and 40's inspired our own tribute to the perks in Ermine. Posters, parks, anything NPS is featured this week, did you capitalize? 

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