With all of the amazing things going on in the world, never mind just the internet, we thought we'd make a place to share some of our favorites. This Week From The Desk is a new segment on the Badson Blog, wrapping up each week with the things that really impressed, fascinated, moved, and inspired us. Check back every Friday to see what we've been seeing. 

FS Siena

Fontsmith produced one of their biggest releases of the year in their elegant and sleek contrasted sans FS Siena. The amazing part, besides the very beautiful photographs of the specimen, is perhaps the ad campaign launched to promote it. It's great to see how foundries are using traditional web avenues to promote fonts to the public. 

Doves Type on BBC Radio 4

The Doves Type project has always been captivating, but this radio story on BBC Radio 4 takes the story to another place altogether. Have a listen,  and support the type

New cuts of Farnham

Christian Schwartz has added new Headline cuts of the eponymous 2004 release Farnham now available to the public through Type Network.  It's efficient, beautiful, and looks eager to do some work. 

Samsung One from Brody & Associates

Neville Brody and Associates (Brody Associates) developed a new corporate typeface family for Samsung. Entitled 'Samsung One', the type family is strong, sturdy, and cut out or the digital arena. They made a pretty video to introduce the release, as well as a rather detailed write up on the Samsung Newsroom Blog.

Margaret Calvert is a badass, and hasn't received nearly the amount of due she deserves. All that changes this month as she is honored along side Tony Cragg at The Queen's Honors. This write up on her typographic work for UK's Roads and Airports is eye opening. Does anyone else think she should have her own NYC Transit Authority Brand Manual Published? 

Gravers & Files Punchcutters Film

You know how I've always said that I wish Matthew Carter would record audio books? Well, this is the next best thing. Monotype has sponsored the revival and restoration of a film made in 1957 about the process of punch cutting with Carl Dair and P.H. Radisch at the Enschede en Zonen Type Foundry in Holland, now with Matthew Carter's overdubbed narration. Its fascinating, nerdy, and beautiful to see how tactile the history of type really is.