Heads up! Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th! 

Now, if you're a good son or daughter, you've had this date marked on your calendar for weeks, and you've already arranged for flowers, cards, and all the online deals you could find to be sent to your mom's doorstep. However, if you're not as astute and have managed to let the date blow past you yet again, we've got you covered. 

Now, it's not much, but it's at least something. We drew up a super easy Mom's Day card with a simple message for you to send your mom's way to prove that you didn't actually forget this year! Simply print, fold into a card, write your message, and drop that puppy in the mail. (Sure, the letters are red, but it prints out just fine in Black & White, too.) 

Download a foldable card file here. 


Kyle ReadComment