Get To It 

It's finally summertime, or at least for most of the Northern Hemisphere. With summer comes a lot of amazing things like green trees in the city, hours spent reading by the pool, and cool summer drives at night with friends. Summer has always been the season for memories. 

When we're really honest with ourselves, summer is also the time when memory making can also be a major distraction. Unfortunately, work takes work, and reminding yourself to get the work done before the fun can start can be the hardest part. That's why we're getting into the #patchgame. 

"Get to it."  It's as simple as that. This has been something we've found ourselves saying around the studio lately. This simple mantra has given us a little extra focus as the days have been getting warmer and the mountains have been calling a little louder. Realizing we liked these three words together made the decision to bring it to the shop an easy one. 

We created these simple patches that can be worn on your sleeve, jacket, pack, or really wherever. Designed in two colors—white and navy—, and using our Guilder Regular type, they make a simple and effective statement. 

We worked with a local Denver embroidery to create these patches. They're not your mass-produced patches. Their hand craft is evident and designed to be sewn onto any surface. (No ironing!) It's the real deal. Made with love, by hand, for you.

So if you're like us and you've got a lot on your plate but waning motivations, these patches are a perfect get. There's no time like the present, seize the day, carpe that diem... get to it!