pstype quietly released Hatch this week, a typeface family of 8 weights with slightly polarized contrast and packed with personality and character.  It's soft and humanist in the curves and corners where it needs to be, and sturdy like a slab-face in others. It's a great addition to the pantheon of slab faces out there. Check out all the samples for yourself here

It's Nice That put up a very nice profile on Taiwanese designer Wang Zhi-Hong, a book jacket designer. It's always good to see how design and type play out in non-latin languages. See the full article here.  

Typofonderie, the French type house helmed by Jean Francois Porchez, has expanded their modern French classic type family Parisine with new Narrow and Condensed weights. Jean describes Parisine like this: 

Parisine was born as the parisian métro signage typeface. This family of typefaces has become over years one of the symbols of Paris the Johnston for the London Underground or the Helvetica for the New York Subway.

See the extensive full family on the Typofonderie site here. 

They Whitney Museum has an in-house design department responsible for all the interior and branding design for the museum. Their website is full of contemporary design eye-candy, and it worth a look through.

Every time this project kicks off I get very excited. I'm a sucker for a good collaborative serial project. The site is amazing and there's so much new music that I haven't heard of. Check out these reimagined album covers designed by a list of 16 talented people here as it all counts down this and next week. 

'Tis the season for lists. This one of the best Book Covers of 2016 according to the New York Times—although short—does not disappoint. I'm really looking forward to the 50/50 list from Design Observer too, but for now this list is kicking it all off in style. "If good design might lure us into an experience that makes us smarter, then we’ve hit the jackpot when the book allows us to spend time within the head space of a stranger." 

This was just a fantastic read dotted with examples of such diversity in art. 

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