After a full 10 years in formal business, TypeTogether got it's type... together.... for a new site, launched this week. It's a fascinating refresh, opening the foundry up to a clearer impression of their brand. From the Homepage to the presentation of individual types, and the strong presence of a blog and features, this new site is built to last; not to mention be a stage for an already legendary collection of types. They even made a little video to walk you through the newness. Bravo! 

Commercial Type has (finally) put up a shoppable section of their site... Commercial Goods. At last, we can obtain the Commercial specimens, some of my favorite specimens out there. Perhaps the best part is that everything is free! Just pay for shipping.  

Yes. A Cookbook from a Bank. This project from Bedow in Sweden (via BP&O) is a great example of how a brand can extend itself beyond its typical service without breaking. This book is well designed, and with a custom typeface that looks really sharp. Gotta find out more about it. See the full project here.

Finally, the crossed Fingers Emoji is here! It's one of over 100 new emoji and symbols shipped in the latest iOS 10.2 update. Ive been wanting this emoji for a while, often just typing out "Crossed fingers Emoji" in conversations. See what else made the new cut here, or watch the announcement video.

This week, Google decided to spin off its Self-Driving Car project it had been incubating in GoogleX. The new company is called Waymo and it's self-driving car technology for hire. The new company came with a new logo, and it fits squarely in the Google suite of products while still somehow departing from it? Whatever you think of the logo, the site is actually quite nice. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

Shiva Nallaperumal, an incredibly talented type designer from Chennai, India, launched a new site for himself and his work. There's graphic design gold in there. 

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