Adobe Typekit launched it's type licensing engine under the name Marketplace this week. It has brought together all kinds of independent foundries to make fonts available for sale to all. The most promising aspects of Typekit's Marketplace are it's unified EULA and access to Adobe Original fonts. Read more on their launch page here

Victoria Rushton released a rather emphatic text face in 6 weights with Italics called Embury this week. It's available through her foundry page on Type Network

Jaguar's recent content devotional to type design and American-British design conversations is really well done and full of video, images, and soundbites worth sharing. The headlining video featuring Colophon Foundry is a great highlight. 

The Royal Mint released a redesigned £1 Coin this week with more features than you'd believe could fit in 23 cm. It's "micro-lettering", and cool security traits make it rather fascinating. Check out the Apple-style video for all the details on this metallic wonder. 

I have fond memories of growing up in new Jersey, attending shows at the Papermill Playhouse in Millburn, and now that Perky Bros has beautifully branded new restaurant Common Lot just around the corner, I desperately want to go back. BP&O profiles the design on their blog

It broke last week that MoMA acquired the original set of emoji designed by Shigetaka Kurita. It s great to see where the modern day ones originally came from. 

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