This week held the classic American Thanksgiving Day, and although there are a lot of things that make us fearful or worried or stressed about our lives these days, there are many more things to be thankful for. We think Type Network's post on their growing family has got us feeling a little sentimental as well. 

This year, Badson has grown in the number of products in the shop, projects completed in the Studio, and typeface projects underway in the Foundry. It's certainly been a grind, and means big and amazing things for 2017, but for now, I'd just like to give thanks to all those we work with, for, and in the spirit of. I'm thankful for the opportunity to come in to work and passionately engage with letterforms. 

I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving and a chance to take stock of the good things around you. Now, back to work! 

Very British Types indeed! Mark Ovenden has put together a complete profile of both Edward Johnston and Eric Gill and how their work has defined 'Britishness' for over a century. The book is published by Lund Humphries, available on the 29th of November. For more, Monocle interviewed Mark to get the story behind the men. Listen here: 


Indra Kupferschmid posted this quick post on Alphabettes last month, and I honestly don't know how I missed it. She highlights this spectacular gem of a book and how she got her hands on it. It's moments like these that prove what print has over digital. 

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