This weekend, we held a Copperplate Calligraphy Class at the beautiful Lore here in Denver CO. With a full table and eager minds, students approached the rather intimidating letterforms of the Copperplate style, and rather successfully too!  It can be daunting to try to get into learning such a disciplined and elegant writing style, but over the course of a few hours, we all got a little closer. 

The workshop included a handsome deck of instruction materials and a custom drawn alphabet based off of the work of Earl A Lupfer

Practice makes perfect when it comes to calligraphy, and every one had the chance to find their stroke and begin their relationship with the pen! 

We're looking forward to more workshops at Lore in the New Year. Calligraphy and beyond! If you missed your chance to get in on this workshop, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to be in the loop on all news and upcoming workshops. Keep practicing everyone!