This week was Monotype's annual Font Marathon where two of their type designers try to design a new and complete font in a week.... a daunting task. The event is highly transparent as they're sharing the progress all the time on Facebook Live and Instagram. I've been enjoying it through Terrance Weinzierl's Instagram account and the #fontmarathon hashtag. There are some fun and challenging entries this year. 

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If you don't follow it already, @mintneverhinged's account filled with vintage and beautiful stamps is just amazing. 

James Edmondson had an interview with Goodhertz this week in an attempt to relate typefaces to musical plugins. It's a bright few minutes. 

I finally got around to listening to this, and I'm a little bummed I waited. Take a listen to this seminar turned podcast held in October with Erik Spiekermann, V&A Curator Johanna Agerman Ross and architecture critic Peter Murray on the topic of what makes good design. 

In trying to keep up with the latest advance in the type world—Variable Fonts—I check in on the #variablefonts hashtag on twitter every so often and its really amazing to see the convention evolve before you. There have been some fascinating things being posted by some very smart people. 

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