The Casual Optimist has great monthly lists of interesting Book Covers. I can;t say they're all amazing, but some of them are. See the November list here

Currently desiring this new tote from Colophon Foundry. 

The biggest news this week was of Donald Trump winning the US Election. A lot of folks (turns out a majority of voters, actually) are pretty bummed. This chapbook excerpt set and printed by Dwiggins in 1944 published on twitter this week dulled the stinging edge a little. Its a great piece about optimism and togetherness, and proof that good design can rise from all climates. All things I think we Americans need reassurance of this week. 


A fantastic read for all designers from FastCompany addressing post-election emotions and picking up the pieces and moving on in a positive way. (This image from Debbie Millman sums things up well.)

In lieu of it being a rather long week, it has helped to just look at some beautiful things, and one of our studio's favorite things to stop and look at for a while is the work of Les Graphiquants.

Released through Type Together this week, Garalda is a Garamond inspired text and display face with special attention paid to its italic, which makes for some rather interesting characters. Published with its release is a mini site with in depth details on its development and good answers to questions like "Why tackle the Garamond theme now?". 

Also, It's Veterans Day here in the US

Just a little reminder, thank, hug, talk to, call, engage with, mention, or promote a Veteran today. 

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