It's the type family we didn't know we needed. Grilli has launched their long awaited GT America family, a stylish net of 84 styles. The types are sharp, and incredibly versatile, but the most incredible thing about the project right now might just be the mini-site they created for it. 

Well, not exactly, but they are seeing new branding. The rebrand, done by Work-Order, is classic Kodak meets the ways of the now. It's appropriate, and rife for future adaptation. See the new look here. 

This article from Story Brand is a good quick read, and one to hand out to clients, on constructive ways to get and maintain healthy client-designer relationships. 

If you're a fan of Futura, this is the show for you. There will be a special exhibition at the Gutenberg Museum outside of Frankfurt, Germany from Nov. 3, 2016 until April 2017. I really hope I find myself out there before its up. Visit the exhibition site for more

Fontstand published this write up about František Štorm of Štorm Type and his devotion to modern revivals. A good read to see more about a talented designer's process. 

Dan Cassaro and Dan Christofferson have joined up under the Young Jerks moniker, creating a source of awesome power to be reckoned with now emanating from their position in the the Graphic Design Universe. New site, same Dans, what a dream team. 

It was a pleasure to read this article from TPTQ Arabic on the Education of Future type designers, something the non-latin world of type design desperately needs. They set up the first 6 week intensive Arabic type design program and have some interesting results from the projects completed on view. Read all about it here

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