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Here, Badson presents things of typographic interest, how type is doing outside of the font industry, and stories and features on Badson Projects not seen elsewhere. Check in weekly to discover social insights and behind the scenes at Badson.

This Week From the Desk

Kyle Read

Commercial Type has been on a roll of spectacular releases lately. The most recent Algebra Display is no exception. Algebra Display is a companion to the successful Algebra family by its original designers Susana Carvalho and Kai Bernau. Well done, Commercial. 

These Books by Studio Frith & Visual Editions

This project floated past the desk this week and it made me look twice. Studio Frith created these books for WeTransfer, and you can see the play at work. They're a great example of a bespoke typeface having fun. 

Check out this cool collaboration between Briefcase Type and Lavmi that brings some of Briefcase's typefaces to wallpaper designs. Parson me while I go find a reason to buy a bunch of wallpaper. 

Spent a lot of time on Pampatype's website this week. The amount of work is only surpassed by its quality. Operating out of Argentina since 2001, Pampatype are proven masters of their craft. The best part is perhaps how varied and expressive their catalog is. Discover all of Pampatype's work on their site. Be prepared to lose a few hours of your day. 

This Video: 👍🏻

Thonik has a new site that launched this week. The studio has some incredible work in the public sphere, with a taste level reminiscent of the high modernists. Their project for the Power Station of Art in Shanghai is particularly good. See their new site here

Artsy published this fascinating exposé on some of the women who were involved in the Bauhaus School that have not gotten proper due or recognition. A good read worth a few read throughs and passing along. 

Just announced this week: a new lettering meet up in San Francisco, spearheaded by Erik Marinovich. The first one is scheduled for May 3rd. If your anywhere near SF, GO. Sign up here. Follow their Instagram too, which will surely be filled with amazing things very soon. 

Vocal Type Co was created to bring full life into iconic examples of lettering found in protest imagery from around the world. It's a fun project that has pproduced some interesting results. Personally, I like how much life of the original examples remains in the digital faces. 

Veeeeery tempted to click the buy button on this book from Counter Print. (It doesn't help that Badson already has a few other Counter Print Books in the Cart) Geometry is a powerful thing, it can help you and make your wildest dreams come true, or it can poison your thoughts and abilities and limit your potential. This book seems to be a wonderful guide through all of that. 

This Week From the Desk

Kyle Read

In what may be one of the best marketing tools employed by a foundry in 2017 so far, Klim Type Foundry has released a Chrome Extension you can install to read the news without images, just text. The best part being you can read the news is a selction of Klim fonts. Love it. 

This cover form the upcoming New York Magazine is particularly well handled. 

Lettering artist Kyle Letendre's new site is a refreshing tour through some digital lettering you may not have seen before. 

This Week From the Desk

Kyle Read

Added this one to the want list. James Victore's always had a shop, but its worth a peruse through every now and again. 

Been wanting to get your hands on Lucas Sharp's masterwork family? Me too. The entire family is now available throuhg Village. Yes, Please. 

Counter Print Books' article detailing Jens Müller and his favorite book is a good read for the weekend, and an insightful little ploy to get you to buy this book if you haven't already.

If it seems like this blog has been posting a lot by Lost Type in the past months, it's because Lost Type has been busy. This week, they released DDC Hardware, a hearty, and rather perfectly on-brand for DDC, typeface in collaboration with Aaron Draplin. The specimen site is huge and fun and a great way to experience the type itself. 

A post shared by Dave Towers (@t_o_w_e_r_s) on

I've been rather obsessed lately with Dave Towers' work on instagram under the name @t_o_w_e_r_s, especially during the recent 36 days of type campaign. Follow along for some fresh creativity in lettermaking.

The Kickstarter for the long-awaited book on W. A. Dwiggins is finally out. Contribute to this project or regret it forever. This book will be one of the most talked about books published this year. 

Studio favorite Les Graphiquants' work for the @wired 25.05 issue is on point. I would buy this as a poster. 

All About the Asterisk

Take a minute or two to read through this post by Fontsmith about the Asterisk. It's a great quick read dipping into the origins of the ubiquitous but little known character. 

This Week From the Desk

Kyle Read

The All Eyes on Type Festival in Rotterdam this year looks like an incredibly immersive experience. This video they created in promotion is one of the most bonkers and impressive things I've seen in animation in a long while. See the full conference site here.

The Norman Door

This is not a recent video, but recently crossed the desk. Vox produced this video on The Norman Door, a concept of confusing design.  

R Typography expanded their hot selling Grifo family with two more condensed weights Grifito and Grifinito. Have a look and play around on the specimen site. Its good to see a good expansion of a good typeface family. The flared sans trend continues. 

The UK is holding a Design competition, accepting submitted designs for the new UK Passort to be issued after Brexit. This article announcing the competition has some interesting historical typographic goodies from the past to oogle at.

Loving this Branding application for Petit Fou, a quirky paper handbag company, designed by Daniela Gilsdorf. (via Mindsparkle Mag

Illustrator Andy Rementer's latest project is a zine published through Commune Press in Tokyo. File under Want, Please. 

Local Brand Penrose Coffee had a very nice feature on VSCO this week. I've beena  fan of Penrose's typographically driven branding and sharp photographic strategy from the very start of the brand last year. Worth a quick read

This Week From the Desk

Kyle Read

Design Conversations: Isabel Urbina Peña

Fellow Type@Cooper graduate Bernardo Margulis hosted the first of a new podcast wherein he interviews interesting people in the design sphere for AIGA Philadelphia. This first cast is with another Type@Cooper alum Isabel Urbina Peña, one helluva book designer with the most infectious smile you'll ever encounter. Looking forward to more! 

Think the Brush Script genre has hit the saturation point? (maybe...) Well Lost Type Co-Op's latest release Calafia will have you searching for reasons to use a brush script all over again. Designed by both Neil Secretario and Riley Cran, Calafia finds personality in the brush strokes where others have fallen short. Snag the font on Lost Type

If you're a lover of print, this weekly podcast radio program should already be on your list of things to listen to. The Stack reviews the best in print from across the globe every week in quippy and colorful detail. Listen to the latest episode here.

Release: Process Type's Moniker

Moniker is Process Type's contribution to the realm of the rounded sans, and it hits it right on the head. You can see the mastery and craft in these letterforms, and the conquering of subtlety. See the entire family on the Process Type site, it truly is a unique offering in a genre that's very tough to innovate in. 

Love this portfolio site for architecture design firm Dallas Pierce Quintero in the UK as an example of good type mixing on the web.

This is a very good short read from Print Magazine by a master of brand & identity, Sigi Haviv. 

Suitcase Type Foundry released Pepi & Rudi, a sans a slab duo superfamily. Lots of geometrical quirk here. See the full specimen on their site here

Lucky Peach, innovative print magazine much beloved to foodies world wide, is shuddering by the end of the year. It's looking to go out with a bang of a double issue this fall. Sad day for print.