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Here, Badson presents things of typographic interest, how type is doing outside of the font industry, and stories and features on Badson Projects not seen elsewhere. Check in weekly to discover social insights and behind the scenes at Badson.

This Week From the Desk

Kyle Read

It's been a hot week for type releases and change in the use of type around the globe! Riding the energy of a successful Typographics Conference in NYC last weekend, several foundries released new families and products, magazines took a turn at new expressions with type, and of course, lots of new inspiration. Let the summer heat continue. 

Recently independent Tobias Frere-Jones and his incredible crew of fellow type designers at Frere-Jones Type released their long-awaited third family release Exchange this week. Evoking the spirit and skills of elite typefounders past, and TFJ's visionary approach to the future of type design, Exchange is nothing short of a modern classic that is as useful as it is interesting to look at.

Tobias states “The strategy for word shape coherence comes from the early “Ionic” style of slab serifs, while Bell Gothic offers a lesson in reinforcing the individual identities of letters. Sure-footed sobriety, inherited from Victorian text faces, runs throughout.” Exchange is a treat to study for any type designer, and an achievement to be proud of for the entire Frere-Jones Type team. Explore the whole family on

Bloomberg Business Week Makes a Refresh

Although the initial rollout of the new design direction for Bloomberg Businessweek happened two weeks ago, analysis and discussion around it's new look, process, and impact on the industry is just getting started. This process article from Creative Review, casts some fascinating light on the new direction for the Magazine. Or, if you prefer, this video:

H&Co. has doubled down on the influence of the hand in contemporary fonts. In fact, they bet on it 6 times. Inkwell is a family of 6 different styles all build on the same hand-written chassis. Each family has its own range of six weights to boost. Bottom line, if your looking for a handwriting style font, you'd be hard pressed not to find it in this family. The more unconventional drawn styles are a nice surprise, if anything adding marketing value for the more expected script and sans offerings. 

There is so much to unpack with Inkwell, but H&Co. has managed to pull together a cohesive and approachable presentation of every last character here. Read the entire story of Inkwell and explore the whole family on

A post shared by Print Magazine (@print_mag) on

Class-act and top-shelf letter-lady Jessica Hische lends her mug to the Typography Issue of Print Magazine, rolling out in the next weeks. The issue's cover was guest designed by Louise Fili, Jessica's first mentor and employer.... the awesomeness of this issue compounds on itself. If the cover headlines are anything to guide us, the issue itself looks to be a 'can't-miss' get. 

Type Media alum and Finnish All-star Hanna Hakala released Valiance this week with the Dutch Type Library. Hanna initially developed Valiance in 2014 where it won silver in the Finnish design competition Vuoden Huiput. Now, it can be yours. Your very own piece of Finnish Design History. Buy the handsome and linguistically deep Valiance from the Dutch Type Library

This edition of the Culture Podcast from Monocle features Paula Scher and Adrian Shaughnessy, where they have a nostalgic and engaging conversation about a few old things, a few new things, and the state of things. This is a half hour well spent. Listen on the Monocle site

This Week From the Desk

Kyle Read

Rick Poynor (University of Reading) published a concise article on Creative Review this week talking about how Emigre still matters. He poses the idea that there is less public debate and discussion about Typography these days, and that should change. It is the hope of Badson that Shoe can one day make an attempt at filling this role, but for now, the blogosphere will have to carry the torch. This article is a great read and a reminder that there is a narrative in the type industry that still continues on. Read Rick Poynor's article here

TYPETR, part of the TypeNetwork family, released an innovative new pixel font this week: Bitcount. At first glance, it would be easy to pass over Bitcount as just another pixel font... what's so special about that. It appears that Dutch Wizard Petr van Blokland has packed this mind-bogglingly large super family of 300 font styles with some serious innovation. There are several pixel styles that can be stacked for a seemingly infinite number of expressions, the introduction of the 'contrast pixel', and matching italics which are usually forsaken in pixel fonts. There's a lot to unpack here, but TypeNetwork's information page is a great place to start. Congrats, Petr, on this mega release. 

The Typographics Conference held at the Cooper Union in New York City is taking place right now through this weekend. Sadly, Badson is not there, but there are lots of ways to follow along through Twitter and the Conference website. It looks to be another killer experience, cheers to all involved!  

Elephant Issue #31 looks rather stunning. 

Artifact Uprising launched the ability to create customized wedding invitations on their site this week. The invitations prominently feature Miller, the seminal Scotch Roman designed by Matthew Carter. You have the ability to select from a menu of 8 type styles (of which Miller is clearly the best). It's interesting to see how a company that relies so heavily on design in their business chooses to represent fonts in this arena. See how Artifact Uprising is doing here. 

They've been putting these brililiant gifs out for some time now, but they finally put them all in one place. DIA Studio and their typographic motion experiments are now on ELLO.

This Week From the Desk

Kyle Read

The Hamilton Wood Type Museum's Legacy Project presented the latest installment of quality wood type fonts inspired by the heritage at Hamilton this week: Guest designer Nick Sherman designed Brylski, in honor of Norb Brylski—a long-time pantograph operator at the Museum. Brylski the typeface is as classic as classic wood type gets, invoking the spirit of Rob Roy Kelly and the legend of Norb Brylski himself. For more, see and buy Brylski from P22 Type, and read more about the legacy project at Hamilton

This longer interview from 99u has a few more gems from Erik Spiekermann on what it means to be productive, to now be a part of the 'old guard' in the industry, and how good work gets done.

Say hello to the Revolver Type Foundry, the new type enterprise headed by Lukas Schneider based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Lukas is an alum of both The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands and the storied Plantin Institute. Revolver Type debuted this week with 5 type families, all equally well designed and as they are ambitious. Check out the Revolver Type site, chances are you'll see something there you like. 

Although this video is not new, it's certainly entrancing. Loving the style and type treatment for this whole campaign. See the entire branded campaign and record collateral by Mario Hugo on Hugo & Marie.

Interesting read on Matisse's nonppainting work which includes dustcovers, posters, and graphic designs. 

It's been an interesting week in the way of Corporate Typeface designs. From the debut of YouTube Sans, and Nina Stössinger's expertly presented counterpoint to it on Typographica, I'm not sure you'd want to have your new corporate typeface on the chopping block now while the knives are circling. But despite all that, Swiss Typefaces has debuted their new type system for Ebay, the online auction giant. I believe this typeface to be much better executed than the aforementioned YouTube project, however it seems to irk me with just how neutral it is! I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out in the real world. Until then, see all the details of the Type Family at Swiss Typefaces.

This Week From the Desk

Kyle Read

....has been bonkers

This week was an incredibly eventful week filled with all sorts of type news, events, and a swelling of typeface releases. This has resulted in one of the longest lists of noteworthy happenings to cross the Badson Desk since we started making these weekly reviews last year. We’ve peppered in a few news items amongst the relentless onslaught of typeface releases so you don’t get type blindness, but it is recommended that you take your time and sit with the list over a good cup of coffee this weekend to take it all in. This industry is incredibly vibrant and alive. ’Till next week!

Commercial Type is back to doing what it does best: Type design with a specific client in mind. (Well, they're not really 'back', they've been consistently killing it since they opened up shop in 2004.) Irregardless! Their latest contribution tot he newspaper type genre is Sanomat, released this week. It's a strong showing of restraint and conscious choice in a corner of the type market that is more saturated than a glass of water sitting out in the rain. Discover Sonomat at the Commercial site. 

Ohno Type Company released an expanded character set to their iconic Viktor Script this week with a small wide caps. Edmondson describes these caps best on the Ohno Blog: “Though wide typefaces designed for all caps settings are common, they are very rarely done so with brush features: swelling strokes, kinked whitespaces, and soft terminals. These qualities allow Viktor Script Caps to match Viktor Script, while supporting the opposite end of the hierarchy.” These caps are a great match to Viktor's brushy stylings, and actually come with the complete Viktor Script. This is another interesting move from Ohno, mixing up how fonts are bought and sold, and subtly subverting the expectation of what comes standard in a font package. Viktor Caps are available for sale on the Ohno Type Co website

Hello, Halyard. Darden Studio released the Halyard set of families this week with Halyard Display, Text, and Micro. Halyard is a robust sans reminiscent of Benton and sturdy workhorse Sans fromt he 20th Century yet remains delightfully weird in the all the right moments. In describing Halyard, Darden states that “Distinctiveness is achieved by bringing an almost impetuous vigor to Halyard’s shapes and through a willingness to adapt surprising historical forms into genuinely useful ones, which is so characteristic of Darden Studio designs.” I couldn’t agree more. Play around with this exciting new release from Darden on this incredibly fun and informative mini-site

The work of Two Points was on the mood and inspiration boards at Badson this week. The firm has been run by Lupi Asensio and Martin Lorenz out of Hamburg, Germany since 2007, but continue to make some of the most fresh typographically-minded work out there today. Their portfolio of work is deep, but their work done for the ADI Awards is an especially poignant project to pour over. Although this project is not new, it's a refreshing example of type-design-meets-visual-identity-done-well to revisit. See the full ADI Project an their other outstanding work on their site here. 

Pilot is described as “an informal jobbing typeface for short texts and striking display use.” It was designed by Aleksandra Samuļenkova, who has taken this design from a working project at the Type & Media Program at KABK in the Hague to a robust and enticing family release with Bold Monday. I'm a fan of the way the angularity of the letterforms don't feel gimmicky or stale after a while—something very difficult to pull off. See the full family of 10 styles, available through Bold Monday here.  

TPTQ Arabic releases Teshrin

TPTQ Arabic has been publishing Arabic types to accompany their deep and prolific catalog of Latin typefaces since 2011, and this week, they released Teshrin—a beautiful Arabic counterpart to their October type family. Designed by Kristyan Sarkis with love, skill, and care and it shows! From the rounded terminals to the mastery of weight distribution from character to character, Teshrin carries the flag with pride for TPTQ Arabic's mission of supplying the globe with more innovative and versatile Arabic types. Discover more about Teshrin here.

Google doubled down on their emoji investments this week, releasing an all new redesigned emoji font... that's over 2000 characters, people! They took to Medium to give a few more in depth details on the emoji, how animation plays into the emoji landscape, and how the new emoji are not only better for Android devices but easier to make on the back end. A good read. 👍🏻👍🏻

Last week, Victoria Rushton released her latest typeface Gautreaux through Type Network. Sometimes typefaces can be incredibly personal, and Gautreaux is a rather poised example of this. Inspired by a lettering style from Tommy Thompson’s The Script Letter called “free style lettering”, Gautreaux is packed with Open Type wizardry and marks a return to a love of script typefaces for Rushton. Read the Type Network article on Gautreaux here.

Rui Abreu adds to the growing repatoire of homerun typefaces at R-Typography this week with Sul Mono. Sul Mono is a monospaced font with some interesting geometries. Although there have been lots of monospace typefaces produced in the last few years, Sul is Rui's first offering to the category. See all of Sul Mono here.  

The famed punchcutter François Guyot is back! Well, at least his style is. The week saw the release of Guyot, a stunning new display face derived from the printed work of Guyot by ReType. Guyot seems to not fall too far from the original tree in how it handles the reviving of such a distinct style as Guyot's. Guyot has the potential to be a truly essential go-to in the font menu for years to come. See more specimens of Guyot here

Fun fact, ReType joined the roster at TypeNetwork this week too. Big week. Congrats to ReType!

Congratulations to Ramakrishna Saiteja of Bangalore, India for being awarded the Society of Typographic Aficionados Catalyst Award! Saiteja's work is already so well rounded and so necessary in the world of Indic Scripts. SoTA has chosen the right winner. See the full announcement here, and congrats again. Welcome to the club, Ramakrishna!

This Week From the Desk

Kyle Read

The shiny new Black Type Foundry—straight outta Paris, France—debuted their first major type release this week in the form of Vesterbro, a beautifully human serif with a wide range of talents. It looks great in text AND display (something a LOT of font families claim but few truly achieve) and shows off its features in a very thorough website specimen. Explore and purchase Vesterbro here. 

Can you believe that this this is a BOOK? Bibliophiles, you might want to sit down for this one.  This is the TDC 1000, a 1024 page book encompassing artwork that was received at the Tokyo TDC's 25th Annual Awards. Although this book was published in 2013, this is the first that i've seen it, and it made me do a double take. It's restocked at Counter Print Books this week

Type, scribes, cryptography, what's not to like? This article about coded texts in the era of illuminated manuscripts was circulating at the beginning at the week... a satisfying and thought-provoking read. 

An interesting write up on Mathias Clottu's redrawing of a Mies van der Rohe sans serif type named Allzweck, originally created by the famed architect in 1966. I'm really intrigued by these horizontal letterforms, and would love to see an even deep case study of this project. (via It's Nice That)

Klim's Hypothetical

“A dilemma! You now have to balance your personal ethics against potential income. So what are the possible scenarios?”

Take a moment to read this quick ‘hypothetical’ scenario posed on Klim's blog. The plight of selling digital files online is real. 

New letters from Louise Fili dropped this week. Say hello to Montecatini, a typeface that will transport you to a world of classic bygone fashion, espressos on the plaza, and fine Italian suits. Louise's studio packs as much character and life as you’ll ever find into this typeface. See the beautifully designed (of course) specimens on the Louise Fili site, or buy the font directly from MyFonts. 

Anthony Burrill and Michael Marriott are set to launch a collaborative collection of furniture for Design Undefined – the third edition of Clerkenwell London’s interdisciplinary design show at the annual event. The pair have created a ‘room within a room’ containing a unique collection of furniture that marries Burrill’s colourful design vision with Marriott’s utilitarian design style and material ingenuity. The event is a step outside of the 2D for Burrill, with the show described as “a celebratory showcase of his work to date.”. Read more about Design Undefined here.

There have been a few ...ill-received... typefaces this week, but Monokrom's expansion of Telefon was not one of them. Monokrom added three new weights with italics to the family, bringing the total to 12. Not sure if or when the love affair with Metro inspired styles will ever let up, but for now, it's fine with me. See more and buy the typeface here